Short Stay Gavle

We at Eidhagen Properties offer an affordable and convenient short stay in Gävle.

When you need short stay apartments in Gävle

Eidhagen Fastigheter offers short stay apartments in Gävle, Sandviken, and Forsbacka. For business people, it is a perfect temporary residence for both long and short stays. As our customer, we want you to feel at home and comfortable. Therefore, all our apartments are tastefully furnished. We consider your needs and adapt accordingly, as the flexible company we are. Contact us to see if any of our apartments are available!

Why choose short stay apartment instead of a hotel?

At a short stay apartment you get a feeling of being at home, you can cook your own food and be yourself. You don’t have to worry about a reception and have full responsibility for your apartment instead. We trust our visitors in Gävle fully.

You can view more photos of the business apartments in Gävle here.

OUR short stay

Our short stay is about 60% cheaper compared to local hotel prices!


Our short stay apartments in Gävle are centrally located in Brynäs within walking distance to the bus and train station.


In Forsbacka, you get close to the water and nature. It takes only 5 minutes by car from Sandviken.


When you stay in our apartments here, you have proximity to Kungsberget, Högbo Bruk, and Parkbadet.

Short stay Gävle



You can easily book short stay with us by filling in the contact form. We will get back to you shortly with a confirmation and an agreement.

Check-in 24/7

Come to us at any time of the day! You check-in to our business apartments by agreement. We send you a code via SMS before arrival.


Do you have a car with you on arrival? We offer private parking in Gävle at no cost, alternatively, you can park for free on the street.

The short stay apartments

When you stay in our short stay apartments in Sandvikn, we want you to feel at home. For your comfort, all apartments are equipped with a kitchen and Wi-Fi. The washing machine is free to use and is either in the apartment or in the basement.


Our short stay includes cleaning every other week where we change sheets, towels, and clean the toilet and floor if there are no things on the floor. Of course, cleaning is also included upon departure. You can also book additional cleaning for only 990 SEK per apartment.

Check out whenever you want

Just as you can check-in at any time, you can also check out whenever you want. When your stay in our short stay apartments in Gävle is over, check-out is by agreement.

What is a Short stay?

A short stay apartment is an important concept for many companies and organizations looking for a comfortable and efficient solution for their employees during travel and business meetings. It is an alternative to traditional hotels and often offers a more homely feel, as well as opportunities for work and relaxation.

You can eather choose single rooms or apartments and are often fully equipped with modern amenities, including kitchens, washing machines, Wi-Fi, and workspaces. They can be located in central areas or more secluded locations depending on what the company prefers. With us, you will find accommodations both centrally and a little secluded.

It is also an excellent choice for companies working on international projects and have employees who often travel to other countries. By providing comfortable and affordable apartments options, companies can ensure that their employees are productive and comfortable during their travels.

It is commonly said that corporate housing is a valuable investment for companies and organizations seeking cost-effective, convenient, and flexible solutions for their employees’ housing needs.


Prices are per person per week (excluding 12% VAT). One week is defined as 3-7 days. Private apartment

Own apartment


Price is per person per week

Shared apartment


Price is per person per week

Shared room


Price is per person per week


For your comfort, our corporate housing in Gävle is equipped with several amenities:
We are

Eidhagens Properties has offered corporate housing in Gävle to businesses since 2004. With us, it is neither time-consuming nor costly to arrange a comfortable home for you while you are on work assignment. Our goal has always been for you to feel at home during your stay. Living in an short stay apartment with your own kitchen is significantly cheaper compared to hotel rates
Varmt välkommen till Eidhagens Fastigheter i Gävle för dig som behöver en trivsam och trygg hemmamiljö i din tillfälliga arbetsmiljö!

Welcome to Eidhagens Properties in Gävle for those who need a comfortable and secure home environment in their temporary work setting!